Every sales page which is either stand alone or is a front end page of the sales funnel must include:

1) Legal disclaimer which is you can find in a box representing page either in funnel builder (needed only for Front End offer) or stand alone page on your vendor account.

a) From Funnel Builder:

b) Through Stand Alone Option:

2)  Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service, and Earning Disclaimer which can be either linked as external page or added directly to the page.

3) The sales page that you submit for approval or any Page that is redirected from the sales page should contain Buy buttons of PayDotCom only.

4) While creating your product listing, it must have content delivery URL / or Delivery file URL. You may enter "Thank You Page" URL as content delivery if you prefer.

5) Are you using the word LIFETIME on your sales letter? Kindly Read This.