PayDotCom Advanced Cookie Stealing Protection use next generation affiliate link tracking technology.

Did you know that if the affiliate link includes affiliate ID and products ID within the affiliate link itself, it is very easy for any browser plugin to basically get that link, swap affiliate ID, and trigger new link which replaces original affiliate cookie with a cookie from the thief?

Yes, such affiliate link makes it easy for any rogue browser plugins to steal the cookies (so steal commission money) from affiliates who deserved the sale.

It is growing plague in online affiliate marketing today (there was even chrome extension sold on other affiliate network, which later did the commission stealing from the same network affiliates!)

This is why PayDotCom team developed next generation affiliate link technology where the tracking code is just random alphanumeric code which does not include either an affiliate ID or product ID. That way pirate browser plugins does not have info about the product and there is no way to replace affiliate IDs since there is non in the link. In other words PayDotCom affiliate link technology prevents auto-generating of affiliate link by swapping affiliate ID for the product.

To make clear: System still works on last cookie (unless set to coupon tracking) so last affiliate gets commission, but bots cannot generate links with swapped ID to prevent browser plugins, pop unders, and bots cookie overwrite with such link.

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