Here is how you can connect PDCpay in your affiliate account:

1. Login to your Affiliate Account. Go to Affiliate then PDCPay.

2. Click Connect Tipalti account.

3. Click Connect under Tipalti.

4. In the address field, select Company or Individual. Enter your Contact Email, Phone Number, First name, Middle name (if applicable), Address, City, Zip code, Country and click Next.

5. In Payment Method tab, under Wire Transfer, select your payment currency, enter your Name, Account number, Passport or local ID number, Phone number, bank Swift code, Bank name, Bank address, Bank City, Province, Zip code, Country and click Next

6. On Text Forms tab, if you are a US Resident select W9, if you are a non US Resident select W-8BEN or the form you require to fill in. 

a. In case of W-8BEN, under Identification of Beneficial Owner (Part I), enter your name, Country of Citizenship, Permanent Residence Country, Address, City, Zip code, Mailing address country, Address, City, Zip code and click Continue.

b. Under Identification of Beneficial Owner (Continued) enter your US TIN or Foreign TIN. 

c. Under Claim of Treaty Benefits (Part II) select your country and click Continue.

d. Review your entered info and click Continue.

e. Under Certification (Part III) click the checkboxes, enter your name in the signature field, enter your contact email ID and click Submit form.

f. You'd get a confirmation saying You are all set....