1. Login into your PayDotCom account and go to vendor==>My Products and click on "New Product".

2. Fill in all the details and create the product (repeat this step for all the products)

Here are cool buttons you can add to your JV page for your affiliates to request a link on PayDotCom.

How to Setup Free and Paid trial period?

A] Set the "Content URL or File".


B] To Setup Auto-Responder, click on "More Settings==>3rd Party Integrations" tab located on the left hand side top. Scroll down to add Auto Responders.

--> Then, under "My Product", click on the product title and click "Auto Responder" Button.

3. To set up a funnel for these products, go to Vendor==>Funnels and click on "Create New Funnel" button.

4. Add your FE page and "Create New Page" to add your OTOs.

Note: There is a Small "Settings icon" which you have to click to add the sales page

5. You then have to add Sales page URL, link your OTOs, and then generate the button code and paste the code on each sales page respectively. Also, paste Legal Text code on the FE + OTOs sales pages and NO THANKS link on the OTO pages. 

Note: Adding the Buy Now button, Legal Text or No Thanks Link inside iframe container is not allowed. So, placing check out page in any kind of iframe will not work.

What Sales Page Must Include to be Approved?

Once you set up all the products inside PDC:

6. Go to "Funnels" and click on "Pages" button. Click on all the RED TRIANGLE icons to validate your page.

7. Under "My Products", Click on "Submit for Approval" button.

For More Details, watch tutorials

How to Set Up an Auto Responder?

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