Note: If you want to use your sandbox PayPal account then you are welcome to create an account on (you have to create a new account) and make the product and do the testing before setting up on our main website. 

1. Edit the product and make the purchase price at $1.

2. Under "Offers" tab, go to "List Product in Offers and Find Products", select "No, Keep it Private" and click on "Save" button.

Note: To test the Funnel or a Product, your product must be approved and the funnel must be VALIDATED. Also, your sales page must include these things to get approved.

3. Go to your Sales Page and click on Buy Now button and purchase the product. 

Note: Do not purchase from the same PayPal account which you have connected with your PayDotCom account. If you do, it will throw an error.

4. After you test it, revert the changes. You can refund the test purchase.