Note: The individual product IPN URL supersede the default IPN setting. If you do not set any IPN under a product, the default IPN URL will be called. 

Individual Product IPN:

1. Go to "Vendor ==> My Products".

2. Click on the product title for which you want to set the IPN. 

3. Click on "IPN URL" button to set the IPN. 

4. If you are using your own membership platform, then ask your developer to look into this. And, use PayDotCom Native IPN. 

5. If you are using third party membership platform, then try using compatibility mode 1 and 2 using the IPN URL and Secret key you have.

Default IPN:

1. Click on "More Settings ==> My Account" and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

2. Enter your IPN URL and Secret key and click on "Test IPN" button. 

3. If it is successful, Enter your password and click on "Update". If not successful, you have to ask your developer to look into this

Check Screenshot:

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